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I am a Freelance Production Assistant and Co-Owner Operator of Market Treasures a small online jewelry shop/vendor. I have a BA in Radio/TV/Film and minored in Journalism. As of late Market Treasures is taking up a lot of my time. I also dedicate one day a week to JC Promotions, Inc. an event planning and promotions company. I currently run JC Promotions Facebook Fan Page. I also run a small promotions thing myself called PromotionsNJ. Check it out if you are from New Jersey.

What is Victors Productions?

Victors Productions is home to all of my projects. My way of keeping you in the loop of what I have done, will be doing and currently working on. Here I will post about my business Market Treasures and how that is going. I will tell you when and where we will be doing shows and posting what we add online. Here will be the central nervous system of my internet presence.

I will also talk about my promotions work with PromotionsNJ. Sharing what I share on the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Also I will keep you posted on my next two and a half months with JC Promotions, Inc.. A great company that puts on street fairs, craft shows and flea markets in the New Jersey area. Stay tuned for more flea market info in the coming weeks.

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What is PromotionsNJ?

We want to spread the word for and about New Jersey using Twitter & Facebook . We do this by using the hash tag #NJPROMO. So if you are ever doing anything in NJ tweet us at @PromotionsNJ. We work with all businesses, companies, people, events, get togethers, and anything that is happening in New Jersey. Twitter is our main outlet so check us out @PromotionsNJ. We will retweet you if you use the hashtag #NJPROMO.
We use are Twitter and Facebook to re share all that we come across that is happening in New Jersey.

What is JC Promotions, Inc.?

From their website:

JC Promotions, Inc., is a professional event planning company. In business for over 20 years, JC specializes in fundraising events and work with over 75 organizations throughout the year to bring a variety of events into their communities. Most of our events are held all over New Jersey. JC specializes in coordinating street fairs, arts and craft shows, photography shows, collectible shows and flea markets.

STREET FAIRSOur street fairs bring in 5,000-60,000 people, depending on the location. These community-oriented events offer great shopping with over 150 street vendors and local businesses. There are kiddie rides, pony rides, delicious food and lively music.

CRAFT SHOWS-Our craft shows are juried and feature artisans displaying and selling their “personally handmade” items. We also have an area where photographers and artists display there works at our street fairs called “Crafters Corner”. This section is in the center of our street fairs and exclusively features artists and crafters.

FLEA MARKETS-Our flea markets are very popular. We have a wide range of vendors selling a huge selection of goods at great prices. There is new merchandise being sold as well as second-hand merchandise. Our flea markets are made up of approximately 60% new merchandise vendors, 30% tag sale, antiques and collectibles vendors and 10% arts & crafts exhibitors. During the holiday season this changes with more vendors coming in selling new items, crafts items and gift items.

The garage and tag sale section at our flea market is all the rage with visitors to the event. Our 2nd-hand vendors sell a hodgepodge of items including vintage, antiques and bric-a-brac. Many local people decide to hold their own tag sales at our market when they know we will be in their town. Whether you’re a bargain hunter or a treasure hunter, we have the selection you’re looking for!

FUND RAISING FOR YOUR GROUP-If your organization would like to hold one of these events as your fundraiser, just give us a call or email us. If you’d like, we will meet with your group to discuss the process. As the beneficiary of the fundraiser, your group will receive a portion of the proceeds without any out of pocket expense to you. Seem to good to be true?

Just link onto “JC’s List of  Sponsoring Organizations.  This list contains the names of the many groups that work with us to raise funds and/or to showcase their cause or club. We are pleasant to work with, we do 99% of the work, we are fully insured and we come equipped with a gym floor cover (if needed for an indoor event).

We make it easy to raise money. On our event page there is a link to over 20 references from just some of our sponsoring organizations. Check it out and then decide if you’d like to get involved.

EVENT CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP (for businesses that want to showcase themselves in the community)- JC offers corporate sponsorships for our larger events, such as, street fairs and arts & crafts shows. By becoming a corporate sponsor, your business will be highlighted in our promotion for the show and on our website. You can also sponsor an attraction at the show such as: the entertainment, the clowns, the rides and so on. Call or E-mail us to have a representative discuss our corporate sponsorship program.

It’s an excellent way to get exposure for your business with thousands of local people strolling through our event. Many sponsors pass out free items, information, candy and many other things. It’s an opportunity to meet and greet the community.

JC Promotions, Inc.



What is Market Treasures?

We are a mother and son run jewelry vendor both online and in person. We carefully select an assortment of vintage jewelry from garage sales, flea markets, rummage sales and precious metals scrappers.

Our goal is to save the unique and beautiful from the current melting trend. We need your help though! Without customers to buy these distinct and interesting pieces, we too will fall into the pot. We try to maintain a wide array of price points so that everyone can help. Please consider our selection for the jewelry lover in your life.

What has happened?

Lately I have been beefing up my production and marketing skills. I got an internship with a studio last year and now I am interning with JC Promotions, Inc.. I also started my own business Market Treasures. Market Treasures has been a real eye opener for me. I get to take the pictures and edit them for the website. So I am able to keep some of my lighting and camera skills. Plus I started multiple social media marketing pages which I will link to.

I put together this Fan Page for JC Promotions, Inc. :

That page is what I have been putting a lot of my time into. Hope you enjoy it. Here is a link for the company I am working work for, JC Promotions, Inc.:

This is all of Market Treasures social media and store.

This is a link to my shop on Ruby Lane:

This is a link to my Facebook:https: //

This is a link to my Twitter:

This is a link to my Pinterest:

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TFF: Ep. 1 The Conception of Inception

**Waring I am constantly updating my posts** (Which is why I spelled it Icetion my first go around on the title.)

Before we get into this, I have looked into this story and it has multiple sources and all will be linked, eventually. In case you haven’t noticed, we live in the future, seriously things talked about in books are becoming passe, so get with the times.

We have all seen Inception, come on your grandmother saw that movie. If you haven’t, I really don’t care about you.

This movie portrays a not to distant future where people could steal each others secrets through their dreams. However, there is this super secret special move called inception, which basically means to plant an idea in someone and make the person think it is their own. Fun fact, that word inception has been around since the 15th century, sleeping well at night? But I diverge, wait what was I talking about?

The future; so on December 8, 2011 it was reported that Boson University and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories had been working together on a project. Their findings, the eyes used with a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) system could be decoded and then used to “incept” someone with a visual task. Hey, turns out if you play an image over and over you remember it, surprise guys. Seriously though I am getting nervous myself, but what ever, it is a movie.

Okay, so let’s keep looking into this Science journal, wait is that italics, that means, “oh sh*t” that Science Journal. Did things just get real? So we now have actual doctors of science, we’re talking PhD’s working on things from a downright creepy movie. Okay I am on board, lets take one last look into what these professors think some uses could be.

Takeo Watanabe, the spearhead and lead author on the project listed a bunch of great tasks. Teaching adults and kids alike via this neurofeedback, interesting so I could learn anything through this system, sign me up. If you are like me you think there has to be a catch, there is always a catch. Yes this is creepy but lets just up the level of creep, just a wee bit. Then boom there it is, there is the second “oh sh*t” moment. Watanabe, you sneaky snake you almost hooked me.

“We found that subjects were not aware of what was to be learned while behavioral data obtained before and after the neurofeedback training showed that subjects’ visual performance improved specifically for the target orientation, which was used in the neurofeedback training,”

And I am out! Don’t believe me? That is fine, you’re probably being incepted as we speak. Wait, what is that Emmy award winning public service announcement thingy, I think NBC does it, but whatever. I look forward to meeting you in the future or my dreams or both, hell at this point which is which.

Wait before I go did you know the old man in Inception is named Ken Watanabe? Me neither.