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Behind The Scenes With Phil Nash

Awesome behind the scenes photos.

Clown Car Productions' Blog

Above are some behind the scenes pictures.

Last month Phil Nash shot a music video with Clown Car Productions. It turned out to be a fun event for all particpants and great footage was aquired. In the mini gallery above you can see how intensive yet professional CCP is. If you are looking for production work drop us a line anytime. We want to make magic happen and have fun doing it, if that is your attidue then come on by.

The music video is in the works and it is for his song Still Waiting which you can hear right HERE. Check out Phil’s website: /

Stay tuned the video will be coming to an internet near you in the near future. Stay tuned for more information on Phil and Clown Car Productions.

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Clown Car Productions Introduces: Phil Nash


Clown Car Productions' Blog

Phil Nash Promo

Clown Car Productions is working with Phil Nash on his music video. Phil is also part of CCP and is one of the creative minds behind all that come out of Clown Car. Phil has put out multiple albums and singles and is a real up and comer in the music industry. On top of having fun at all of his shoots he is also a partner in Clown Car Productions.

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New Projects

I am starting two new projects. Firstly i want to ham up my first project running the social media side of Clown Car Productions. They are a great group of three young men willing to go above and beyond for each project. Check out their Facebook here, their Twitter here, and their blog here.

Right now everything you see up has been thrown together by my to get the ball rolling on getting the word out about a new production company. Clown Car Productions will be a force to reckon with coming soon. They have the skills to make any style of video you could desire.

Check out the logo I made for the time being:

Basic Logo Beveled copy

The second project will be in a post to come. So stay tuned.

Best Regards,