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New Job

I was hired to run a Ruby Lane shop. This means I will be taking orders and pictures for two Ruby Lane websites. Mine and my new employer’s will both be under my control. I hope I haven’t taking on too much responsibility. I look forward to this new business venture. I plan on doing my best for Market Treasures and Pixie Princess Vintage. Look forward to more information on my new job.

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Yesterday’s Adventure

My day.

Market Treasures

Yesterday I learned how to fill out a customs form for shipping internationally. Since our Ruby Lane shop is view-able internationally we get orders from all over. We have had orders from almost every continent and Australia and Canada are our two best costumers. You have to fill out three copies of a customs for so it is a lot of duplication. Also we use padded envelopes instead of the flat rate boxes we use for US orders.

My mother is going back to work meaning I am going to have to take over the store more. Meaning a lot more time will be spent answering emails and dealing with customers. Something I have a little practice with meaning I am technically prepped for this job. I look forward to becoming a larger part of Market Treasures even though I do a lot for the website as is.

I am going from social media marketer to full time jewelry…

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What is Victors Productions?

Victors Productions is home to all of my projects. My way of keeping you in the loop of what I have done, will be doing and currently working on. Here I will post about my business Market Treasures and how that is going. I will tell you when and where we will be doing shows and posting what we add online. Here will be the central nervous system of my internet presence.

I will also talk about my promotions work with PromotionsNJ. Sharing what I share on the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Also I will keep you posted on my next two and a half months with JC Promotions, Inc.. A great company that puts on street fairs, craft shows and flea markets in the New Jersey area. Stay tuned for more flea market info in the coming weeks.

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What is Market Treasures?

We are a mother and son run jewelry vendor both online and in person. We carefully select an assortment of vintage jewelry from garage sales, flea markets, rummage sales and precious metals scrappers.

Our goal is to save the unique and beautiful from the current melting trend. We need your help though! Without customers to buy these distinct and interesting pieces, we too will fall into the pot. We try to maintain a wide array of price points so that everyone can help. Please consider our selection for the jewelry lover in your life.

What has happened?

Lately I have been beefing up my production and marketing skills. I got an internship with a studio last year and now I am interning with JC Promotions, Inc.. I also started my own business Market Treasures. Market Treasures has been a real eye opener for me. I get to take the pictures and edit them for the website. So I am able to keep some of my lighting and camera skills. Plus I started multiple social media marketing pages which I will link to.

I put together this Fan Page for JC Promotions, Inc. :

That page is what I have been putting a lot of my time into. Hope you enjoy it. Here is a link for the company I am working work for, JC Promotions, Inc.:

This is all of Market Treasures social media and store.

This is a link to my shop on Ruby Lane:

This is a link to my Facebook:https: //

This is a link to my Twitter:

This is a link to my Pinterest:

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