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Today I meet with well connected individual who owns his own studio. This studio is a gigantic 400,000 sq’ and can house any style of project you want. It is called The Art Factory and it is located right here in North Jersey. Check out their Facebook too. They will be able to house any style of event, photo shoot, or art project. Check out out their picture:


This picture hardly conveys the magnitude of The ART Factory. This place is phenomenal and is surprisingly affordable. If you are a artist, videographer, producer, or anything media related this is the place to check out. Stay tuned for more information.


New Projects

I am starting two new projects. Firstly i want to ham up my first project running the social media side of Clown Car Productions. They are a great group of three young men willing to go above and beyond for each project. Check out their Facebook here, their Twitter here, and their blog here.

Right now everything you see up has been thrown together by my to get the ball rolling on getting the word out about a new production company. Clown Car Productions will be a force to reckon with coming soon. They have the skills to make any style of video you could desire.

Check out the logo I made for the time being:

Basic Logo Beveled copy

The second project will be in a post to come. So stay tuned.

Best Regards,


Pixie Princess Vintage

I was hired by a local woman to open and run a Ruby Lane shop for her. This is a huge step in being my own boss for life. I am able to get a second shop under my belt. This means I will have a steady income from two different shops. It is going to be a lot of work but I am ready to take on the challenge.

I will be operations manager of the shop and with this comes a nice slice of the profit we will be making. Today was the second day I met with my boss and we were able to get a lot done. We have the ten pictures ready and edited, since that is what you need to open a store. Ruby Lane puts brand new stores through a vetting system where they look at the items you posted. If the items you posted description or pictures are not on par with Ruby Lane then you have to go back and redo them.

My next meeting with my boss is Monday. We will be putting the final touches on the shop and should be ready to open within the next two weeks. We have everything from small collectibles to high end jewelry. So there will be a little bit of everything for everyone. I look forward to this next business venture and am ready to make some money in the process.

Thanks For Read my Ramblings,


Check out our Pixie Princess Vintage Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/PixiePrincessVintage

New Job

I was hired to run a Ruby Lane shop. This means I will be taking orders and pictures for two Ruby Lane websites. Mine and my new employer’s will both be under my control. I hope I haven’t taking on too much responsibility. I look forward to this new business venture. I plan on doing my best for Market Treasures and Pixie Princess Vintage. Look forward to more information on my new job.

Thanks For Listening to My Ramblings,


Yesterday’s Adventure

My day.

Market Treasures

Yesterday I learned how to fill out a customs form for shipping internationally. Since our Ruby Lane shop is view-able internationally we get orders from all over. We have had orders from almost every continent and Australia and Canada are our two best costumers. You have to fill out three copies of a customs for so it is a lot of duplication. Also we use padded envelopes instead of the flat rate boxes we use for US orders.

My mother is going back to work meaning I am going to have to take over the store more. Meaning a lot more time will be spent answering emails and dealing with customers. Something I have a little practice with meaning I am technically prepped for this job. I look forward to becoming a larger part of Market Treasures even though I do a lot for the website as is.

I am going from social media marketer to full time jewelry…

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